Group Companies

Palm Tree (K) Ltd

Palm Tree (K) Ltd has grown steadily and healthily since commencement in the year 2009. It is run by a specialised group of individuals who are committed to the growth of the organization. Our range of products includes glues, adhesive polymers and tapes. We endeavour to fulfil our customers’ requirements to their satisfaction by providing competitive prices whilst not compromising on quality. Our attention to detail and our friendly and experienced staff have managed to create a thriving business with an impeccable reputation.


Petal Investments Limited is a company that was established in 2013 and offers one of the largest state of the art warehouse facilities in Thika offering commercial warehousing services to cater for all our customers’ storage needs.


Thika Wax Works Ltd is a manufacturing and trading company that serves the East African region.
The founders of the Company have been actively involved in the chemicals and allied products industry since the 1950s’; having a vast experience of over 60 years! >